Trump won-Now What??

Hi my name is Linae Annette and like many of you reading this blog post I am still recovering from the initial shock of Donald Trump winning the election. So what now? We can wait and see if President Trump will live up to his campaign pledge to ” Make America Great Again” Quite frankly, his campaign value proposition still rings in my head. I catch myself drifting off and silently humming the phrase ” Make America Great Again” Not to mention, I cannot think of any one thing/phrase that Hilary left me with except disappointment when she lost. Not that I thought she was the best choice, but rather, she was in my mind the lesser of the two evils.

Now I am over the election woes and wondering what as an American can I do now to protect myself from the fishing line in and fishing line out game that we fellow Americans know all to well. The time is near for the fishing line to be pulled in…Leaving many Americans that were stable on the verge of a financial flat-line. Which brings me to my point for this post. Prior to the election I was working on a universal system that would allow people to contribute small dollars to a large pool similar to crowd-funding. The funds once accumulated would then be used to fund new business, help people find affordable housing, and coach people on job readiness skills and ¬†entrepreneurship.

A system of people helping people. The original plan was for the inner city communities. Today, I have made some revisions to the original because it is important now that American, Immigrants, and others that reside in the USA ban together and try to unite despite our differences.As a black female my focus was on helping blacks strengthen their resolve as a race financially by banning together to pool resources. ¬†Donald Trump’s win changed my initial focus from black people to all people.How can we ban together for the good of mankind and include all people regardless or race, religion or political association.

Billion-to-One is a new web-based social movement. The movement is designed for all participants to use the internet as weapons of mass-communication, rather than marches and rallies. This movement is one that can become huge by harnessing the power of the internet and social media. Follow my blog to learn more about Billion-to-One a social movement for you and about you.